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Giannis When Asked About Potentially Pairing Up With His Brothers: “If We Could Team Up On A Team, Milwaukee, L.A, Whatever, That Would Be Awesome.”

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

One of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s biggest dreams is to play someday with his brothers, and the Milwaukee Bucks star is seemingly paving the way for that situation.

During a recent interview with Mackenzie Salmon of Sports Pulse, Giannis hinted where he, Thanasis and Kostas could play together in the future.

“If we could team up on a team, Milwaukee, L.A, whatever, that would be awesome,” he said.

This would be a dream come true for the reigning NBA MVP, and this wouldn’t be something crazy to see. The Bucks currently feature Giannis and his brother Thanasis and seeing how ‘enthusiast’ they are for teaming up brothers (Brook and Robin Lopez are part of the team, as well), maybe watching the three Antetokounmpo brothers playing together doesn’t sound that crazy.

He also mentioned Los Angeles, so that could be a wink for the Lakers, where Kostas currently plays.

Given that Thanasis and Kostas are end-of-the-bench role players at this point in their careers, it likely wouldn't be too tough for Giannis to convince a team to sign all three of them.

Thanasis, 27, is in his second NBA season, and he is averaging 2.0 points per game in 15 appearances for the Bucks. The 22-year-old Kostas is also a second-year player who is averaging 0.3 rebounds and 0.3 assists in three games for the Lakers. He has spent most of 2019-20 with the Lakers' G League affiliate, averaging 14.1 points and 7.6 rebounds per game for South Bay.

As for right now, Giannis is focused on helping the Bucks win the NBA championship. He’s still young and will have plenty of time to reunite with his brothers at any franchise.