Gilbert Arenas Calls Kevin Durant The "Greatest Scorer Of All-Time."

Gilbert Arenas Calls Kevin Durant The "Greatest Scorer Of All-Time."

Coming off an Achilles injury, Kevin Durant has been absolutely unbelievable.

After going down in the 2019 Finals, the 2x Champion did not lose a beat, averaging over 26 points per game during his first season in Brooklyn. Without James Harden and Kyrie Irving, he carried the Nets to a seven-game series in Round 2 before being eliminated by the team that would go on to win it all.

Even though KD and his squad failed to capture a title, people have been pretty impressed with his performance.

Speaking boldly, NBA legend Gilbert Arenas gave a rather notable review of Durant, calling him the "greatest scorer ever" during an appearance on Fubo TV.

“As a basketball fan who understands the game, the way Kevin Durant scores is really effortless. He can’t actually be stopped, controlled, or challenged because of his height, his shooting. So, he is probably……. the easiest bucket getter in NBA history.

So, it is Kevin Durant um…, in my opinion and I’m a Jordan fanatic.”

This is not the first time that such a statement has been said about Kevin Durant. League analyst and former player, Kendrick Perkins, has previously shared a similar opinion on the subject:

First of all KD is the Greatest Scorer of All-Time like I’ve been saying and secondly I’m highly disappointed in anybody that had the Audacity to put Giannis in the same conversation with Jordan and Olajuwon by voting him MVP/DPOY last year! Carry the hell on...

When it comes to putting the ball through the net, very few are compatible to KD. He can finish around the rim, can shoot from anywhere on the floor, and has the handles to get wherever he needs to go.

Over his 13-year career, Durant is a 4x Scoring Champ, 11x All-Star, and 27-point per game scorer. He is currently 26th on the All-Time scoring list with 23,883 total points attributed to his name.

So, it's obviously not a stretch to say that Durant is the best scorer ever, even considering the careers of guys like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan.

Plus, at 32-years-old, Durant still has plenty of time to convince the doubters.