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Gilbert Arenas Says Steve Blake Punched Him At Practice: 'Did The White Boy Just Throw A Punch At Me? Is That How We’re Working Here, Right?'

Credit: Basketball Forever

Credit: Basketball Forever

It's not a secret to anybody that Steve Blake isn't ever going to back down from a fight. He'll get into your face in the blink of an eye, and even though he looks like a pretty easy-going guy, he's still going to give you the hands if you disrespect him.

Blake has been like that forever. He had an infamous incident with a teammate during his days at Maryland, and we also saw him getting into it with Jason Terry, Kenneth Faried, and many others throughout his career.

Now, former All-Star Gilbert Arenas has let us know that he was one of his other victims, as they got into it during a team practice when they were both playing for the Washington Wizards:

“During practice, I elbowed Steve Blake and he swung at me. I was like, ‘Damn, wait hold on.’ Oh, really? Did the white boy just throw a punch at me? Is that how we’re working here, right?" Gilbert Arenas said on the No Chill Gil Podcast.

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who you are on the court is most likely waaaay different then who you are in real life. save that alter ego for the competition...and believe don’t have to apologize for what goes down during the battle 🗣🗣 my man @steveblakebasketball brought that caged dog out when he needed to and trust he was bite not just bark 🐶🐶😳 @thenochillpodcast @peytonwatson LINK IN BIO Thnx @feetures @drinkorgain @mintmobile

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Arenas then lauded Blake for not being that guy off the court, stating that he was just making a point that he wasn't going to push around by anybody:

“We’re going through it, like wrestling on the floor. Practiced ended. He’s like, ‘Hey, man, y’all want to go to Legal Seafood?’ “What are you talking to me like that for? Don’t be talking to me like that. He was like, ‘Let’s go to Legal Seafood, food on me; let’s go through these plays.’ No, it’s just off the court this is him. On the court, he’s a whole different person. Then, we go to Legal Food and talk about plays. We didn’t even talk about him throwing a punch at me and we over here fighting in the corner," Arenas concluded.

That's just the good-old Steve Blake. He may not look tough, but he is. He was used to being an underdog and overlooked throughout his career but more often than not, he delivered. Now, put some respect on his name, or at least don't elbow him during practice.