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Gordon Hayward's Wife, Robyn, Takes Big Shot At Boston Media

Gordon Hayward's Wife, Robyn, Takes Big Shot At Boston Media

Gordon Hayward's wife, Robyn Hayward, has reacted to the news of her husband opting out of his contract with the Boston Celtics. Hayward is expected to join the Charlotte Hornets after agreeing to a 4-year, $120 million deal. The most recent reports suggested Celtics and Hornets are working on a sign-and-trade deal after initially informing that he was signing with Charlotte when free agency opened.

Robyn didn't miss time and sent a big message to the Boston media, explaining that she enjoyed her life in the city, unlike all the pundits that attacked Hayward during his tenure with the C's. She took to Instagram to reflect on her husband's decision to join Michael Jordan's team, the Hornets.

“Contrary to the media in Boston I have really enjoyed my time there and the relationships I’ve made,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’m going to miss the community I lived in from the local police officers checking in on me everyday, and the wonderful friends I made at Roche brothers who were always ready to chat when I was lonely, my wonderful neighbors, and of course my friends at the cheese shop.

“I couldn’t have been as happy as I was without all of you. Trust is a hard thing to have in the NBA world but I do trust my small community always had my back. We are grateful to them for keeping us company while Gordon was away,” she continued.

“I am excited to see my husband show his talents again and play for Charlotte, we can’t wait to start this adventure.”

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Hayward had a difficult stint with the C's. He missed his first season due to a gruesome leg injury during his first game with the Celtics, then he was the subject of criticism for the bad performances of the team alongside Kyrie Irving, and this year he kept continue those bad comments, which many believe is the main reason why he decided to depart from Boston.

Now he's ready to join the Hornets and help the team compete in the Eastern Conference. Plenty of fans believe he's overpaid now but Hayward can't be happier with his new deal. Robyn, though, will be ready to defend him whenever she thinks is necessary.