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Grant Williams Says Darius Garland Is The Toughest Player To Guard In The League: "For Me, It's Always Been A Small, Small, Small Point Guard That's Really Shifty And Quick."

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Darius Garland

Darius Garland was a first-time All-Star this season, and there's no doubt that he's had a breakout year. Darius Garland averaged 21.7 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 8.6 APG over the course of the regular season.

There is no doubt that Darius Garland put the league on notice this season. He is a guard that is capable of scoring from the 3PT range and is also shifty when it comes to finishing near the basket. Darius Garland has proven that everyone who thought that he'd be a star correct. In fact, Celtics forward Grant Williams has recently claimed that Darius Garland is the toughest player to guard when asked about that by Michael Pina of Sports Illustrated:

SI: Who’s the toughest cover in the league?

GW: For guys like myself, the hardest people to guard are like Darius Garland. Small, shifty point guards. The longer, taller guys, and the physical guys I’m O.K. with. I do a good job on Darius and guys like that. But for me, it’s always been a small, small, small point guard that’s really shifty and quick.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were at one point in a position to make the playoffs, but unfortunately, injuries derailed their promising season. They ended up getting eliminated by Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks in the play-in tournament. It was certainly a disappointing end to their year.

With that being said, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a bright future. They have two All-Stars in Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen, as well as one of the best defensive players in the league in Evan Mobley. Adam Silver has even called them a superteam earlier in the year. Hopefully, we see them actually make the playoffs next season, and there's no doubt that their young players will only get better after this season.