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Gregg Popovich On LeBron James Activism: "I Think He's Going To Be An Iconic Figure. Nobody Is Going To Be What Muhammad Ali Was... But In That Same Genre, I Am So Proud Of This Guy And So Pleased For Him."

Gregg Popovich Explains Why LeBron James Is So Difficult To Guard: "Have You Watched LeBron Play?"

LeBron James is the best player in the world. A lot of people celebrate his basketball skills, but his off-court ventures are equally as worthy of celebration. LeBron James has had multiple philanthropic ventures, with his foundation notably supporting the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio. LeBron James is exemplary on and off the court, and he is one of the best role models in the league.

Gregg Popovich has recently hailed LeBron James' activism. He puts him on par with the athlete icons that everyone respects as heroes, such as Muhammad Ali.

Gregg Popovich further praises James as someone who tells it how it is. Someone who fights for the truth. As someone who has a huge platform, LeBron James is utilizing it to try and usher in some change. He is in a unique position as a voice for what he believes is right, and he uses it to the fullest extent. While not everyone will agree with LeBron James, they can respect him for always speaking his mind.

The most amazing thing about athlete activism is that they're not obligated to do it. No one is making LeBron James do the things he does. But he does them anyway. Sometimes, you can just respect someone because they stand up for their principles. Popovich is right: LeBron James will be remembered as an icon for years to come, for his basketball ability and for his achievements as a leader to communities off the court.