Haters Say Ray Allen And Kyrie Irving Saved LeBron's Legacy, But No One Says Paxson Or Kerr Saved MJ, Or Horry, Fished And Artest Saved Kobe

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Fadeaway World 

Fadeaway World 

NBA fans love to engage in big debates about the greatest player of all time and which baller deserves more respect than others. We've seen plenty of comparisons between LeBron James and Michael Jordan in the past couple of years, with fans making a case for each player. 

It seems like these debates will never end, and every day, somebody came up with a new idea to justify why this or that player is better than the other. Recently, somebody pointed out that haters always bring Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving's names up when discussing LeBron's legacy. However, they forget about John Paxson and Steve Kerr for Michael Jordan and Robert Horry and Ron Artest for Kobe Bryant. 

As you can imagine, this once again sparked a huge debate among NBA fans. Everybody had something to say about this, with some saying Bron was more important in those plays than people believe and others defending Jordan, stating that he was never 'saved' like Bron. 

Because lebron scares them it’s that simple 🤷🏾 they know he’s the only player who threatens MJs goat status

Jordan was never saved.. he wasn’t facing elimination.. if they miss, he plays more games after that... if Ray misses, Lebron goes home and no chip.. I can’t believe how hard it is for Bron fans to grasp this .. Ray saved them from being sent home.. Kerr and Paxson did not.

No Jordan scored every point every single game, every rebound every steal every block every assist whilst giving Phil Jackson a foot massage.

Stupid argument. Two points: 1) The key word is "saved". If Ray Allen missed, the series was over. If Paxson or Kerr missed - there would be a game 7. Paxson and Kerr did not "save" anything. 2) Every superstar needs help and nobody wins alone.

If Lebron didn’t hit the first 3 it wouldn’t matter about Ray Allen's 3-point shot so LeBron cut it to a 3 point lead when he shot the 3 and ray Allen hits the other one if Lebron missed no one would care about the 3 ray Allen made

Jordan and kobe were double teamed

Because LeBron is the only threat ever to dethrone Jordan. All the haters gets very uncomfortable and will soon realize after LeBron retires, Basketball popularity will die out... with LeBron still playing now, basketball is at it’s peak. KD, Giannis and Luka combine are not even at LeBron’s status...

Jordan assisted on both of those shots lol 

So basically other people say kd need a super team to win but u need teammates to win

I don’t think anyone was saved. But there is a difference, Jordan was w a 3-2 record both of the times he was “saved” and to Kerr he was double teamed and passed to Steve make the open shot, he didn’t have any to prove, when paxson made the shot he already 2 rings back to back and when kerr hit it he had 4 rings. LeBron at the time was considered a guy that can’t win, lost 2 times in the finals and one he choked w a way better team than the Dallas, his legacy was in game and even tho he made the last points for the heat in that game, he was one lost away to lose the title and he made the “last” shot and missed, so if it wasn’t for a GREAT offensive rebound by bosh and a GREAT shot by ray allen. Idk if bron would’ve been the same, cause people would only remember that he missed and lost another finals w a super-team again

I say this all the time… ppl forget Fisher hit lots of game winners, Artest caught an air ball from Kobe and made the shot as time expired,,, and people forget about Pau Gasol's 19&18 in game 7…

Jordan went 0-11 in a half in the playoffs LeBron never done that

There is always a double standard with LeBron. People love to act like MJ won his 6 championships by himself. Ray Allen and Kyrie did there jobs.

LeBron is The GOAT and his haters really cant handle that fact.

mj had game winning assists to paxson and kerr. lebron was legitimately saved by ray allen and kyrie irving when they hit their shots with no help at all from bron

Did you see that mj made the passes to these guys instead of lebron doing absolutely nothing in the finals second s

These discussions will always bring interesting points of view, but nobody can convince others that their perspective is wrong. All those moments are in the past, and nobody can change that.

Jordan still won six titles, Kobe won five, and LeBron has won four. Nobody can take anything away from these three monsters. We are probably the greatest three players in NBA history, yet people insist on engaging in useless debates to dismiss or validate their legacies.