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Charles Barkley And Reggie Miller Agree That Stephen Curry's All-Time 3-PT Record Will Never Be Broken

Charles Barkley And Reggie Miller Agree That Stephen Curry's All-Time 3-PT Record Will Never Be Broken

Stephen Curry made history on Tuesday night, breaking Ray Allen's all-time 3-point record against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The Golden State Warriors legend has been making incredible things since he entered the league, changing the way the game is played with his 3-pointers, inspiring plenty of young players around the world.

Curry can still play for 3-4 more years at an elite level, which means he'll have the chance to extend his record and make it harder for younger shooters to surpass him. But, seeing his accuracy shooting the ball, several people believe nobody will touch that record. 

Charles Barkley, like the rest of us, raved about Curry's record, saying that it will never be broken. Curry has plenty of time to keep playing and increase his numbers, which will make things harder for the competition. 

"This record ain't ever going to be broken. Because this guy got at least another five years at his peak and he's going to set a record that nobody ever going to come to again and it's beautiful to watch."

Prior to that, Reggie Miller had said something similar about Steph. The Indiana Pacers icon, who held the record for 13 years before Ray Allen broke it, said that he didn't think somebody could make 2,900 3s, but Curry has changed his mind. 

"At one point I didn't think anyone would get close to over 2,900 but Stephen is going to shatter the record," Miller said. "Go to Vegas. This is one NBA record that's never, NEVER going to be touched.

"Nobody is coming for the crown. No one who, I think, is born yet."

This is the Curry effect. The 3x NBA champion has done incredible things for the game. He's one of the most electrifying stars in the association and fans are happy they're witnessing history every time this guy steps on the court. 

Some players could break the record in the future, including Trae Young, Luka Doncic and Donovan Mitchell, but it'll take a lot before we see any of them getting close to Curry's impressive mark.