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Ime Udoka Downplays Draymond Green's Impact On Game 2: "That's One Player, He Can Only Guard One Person At A Time"

Ime Udoka Downplays Draymond Green's Impact On Game 2: "That's One Player, He Can Only Guard One Person At A Time"

As the Boston Celtics looked to take complete control of these NBA Finals in Game 2, the Golden State Warriors showed them and the rest of the NBA world just why they are such a force to be reckoned with. The Warriors blew away the Celtics 107-88 thanks to a third-quarter onslaught and leveled up the series heading to Boston.

A lot of focus was on the Celtics failing to replicate what they did on offense in Game 1. They shot over 50% from the field and the three-point line in Game 1 but shot under 40% from the field in Game 2 and Draymond Green was getting a lot of praise for the job he did on the defensive end. Celtics coach Ime Udoka spoke about it after the game and he was quick to point out the Celtics pretty much caused their own downfall.

"That's one player, he can only guard one person at a time. We had 11 turnovers for 18 points in the first half. They had 9 steals, so playing in the crowd way too much. I mean he's gonna switch matchups a lot of times and try to impact the ball defensively especially but we weren't strong with the ball overall so it wasn't just him."

"Of course, he is going to come out, try to set the tone but think we weren't strong with the ball out. Searching for fouls instead of making plays, especially with their lack of rim protection. For us, that was a little disappointing to give up 33 points off 19 turnovers. That's kinda been a constant theme in the playoffs, when that happens we are in trouble."

They did turn the ball over a lot more here than in Game 1, with just 12 then to 18 here and the assists also went down from 33 to 24. Their ball movement was terrific in the win and the Celtics need to go back to that, instead of running as many isolations as they did in Game 2. 

Boston is also going to need their role players to step up, as there was a massive drop-off from Game 1, and playing at home should help with that. Despite this loss, they have home-court advantage and all they need to do from here on out is hold serve. Golden State will try their hardest to steal one of these next two games and the Celtics will need to be at their very best to hold on to their advantage.