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Isiah Thomas Retweets A Big Insult Towards Michael Jordan: "That Guy Was An A**hole."

Isiah Thomas Retweets A Big Insult Towards Michael Jordan: "That Guy Was An A**hole."

Over 3 decades may have passed since the rivalry between the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls mostly came to an end, but somehow, it continues to produce new moments that suggest that the hatchet isn't buried. Isiah Thomas certainly hasn't forgiven or forgotten whatever slights Michael Jordan has thrown his way, even though MJ seemingly loved Isiah as per John Salley, and he has once again promoted another insult towards the GOAT. 

Jordan often gets called out for being harsh and overly competitive with his teammates as well as his opponents. Although he is universally respected in the NBA, it would be tough to say that he is liked, especially by the players that he played against and dominated during the 80s and 90s. So it's no surprise when you hear someone call him an a**hole. The Twitter account, 'Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz' tweeted a take calling MJ an a**hole. 

And while it received several quotes and retweets, one stood out more than the others. Sticking true to form, Isiah Thomas himself retweeted the tweet from his official account. 

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The irony of the situation is that the original video that this was taken from wasn't even that much of an insult towards Jordan, with the context mostly being about his ruthless attitude towards his teammates in his pursuit of excellence. It would seem that Isiah's grudge remains incredibly strong to this day and he's unlikely to miss an opportunity to bash MJ. 

For his part, Jordan hasn't really engaged much with Isiah or the Pistons since his playing days, and the two even interacted during the 75th Anniversary Team event, even though it was brief. Considering that a lot of the supposed issues can no longer be fixed by either party though, it would seem that there is no real resolution to any remaining beef, and it will just continue in this fashion for the foreseeable future.