J.R. Smith Is Back In The NBA Finals, And He Has Already Posted About It On Instagram

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(via teamswish)

(via teamswish)

J.R. Smith is one of the more interesting characters on the Lakers. Known for his questionable comments, border-line crazy incidents, and his infamous Finals blunder in 2018, the dude has become a fan-favorite of the NBA community.

But, for all the jokes and memes about him, he's seen a lot of success. 2020 marks the fifth time he'll be in the Finals -- and, on social media, he made sure to let folks know it.

Fans have been harping on him because while he is a part of the team, he hasn't been getting a whole lot of minutes in this series or these playoffs. In fact, in today's Game 5 victory, he didn't play a single minute. Leave it to him to be the first one to flex on social media despite having barely played.

Still, for anyone that knows J.R., this behavior is to be expected.

Perhaps the bigger matter is how he fits into L.A.'s plans moving forward. Will he get more playing time in the Finals? Win or lose, will they keep him on the team next season? Nobody really knows where he'll be in a few months but, for now, all we can do is watch as he enjoys yet another run at glory with LeBron James.