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Ja Morant Exposes Fan Trying To Get Tickets Using Fake Messages: "I Must've Got Hacked Because 12 Ain't Tell You That Dawg"

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Ja Morant is very active on social media, as he doesn't hesitate to react to the hot things happening in the league, while also calling out people who try to bring him down. 

The Memphis Grizzlies young star isn't shy to share his opinions on Twitter, or even point out something that feels odd for him. In recent hours, he spotted somebody trying to take advantage of his name to get game tickets, or simply likes and retweets on social media. 

Somebody shared a screenshot of an alleged conversation with the 2020 Rookie of the Year, where they asked Ja what they needed to achieve to get some tickets to a Grizzlies game. 

In the fake picture, Morant replied that 500K likes and follows would do the job, accepting to get the person some tickets in return. If they tried to deceive Ja, they didn't do things right. After this person tweeted the conversation and tagged the 22-year-old guard, he didn't take long to reply and deny everything. 

"I must've got hacked 😂 cuz 12 ain't tell you dat dawg 😭," Morant replied to the picture on Twitter. 

NBA fans didn't hesitate to call out the person trying to finesse them and Ja, reacting like only they know. 

There's no doubt that Ja is one of the coolest stars out there. He hasn't that the easiest path to the NBA and has worked hard to be where he is right now. He's a very down-to-earth guy that doesn't hesitate to help people, but when somebody tries to take advantage of him, he'll be ready to expose them. 

Meanwhile, he keeps playing at the highest level, leading the Memphis Grizzlies to the top spots of the Western Conference, playing like an MVP. If you want help from Morant, you should ask him. He'll probably help you without any hesitation.