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Ja Morant Lauds Russell Westbrook: "Put Some Respect On His Name."

(via Wiz of Awes)

(via Wiz of Awes)

Ja Morant looks like he has the potential to become a future star in this league: Morant possesses jaw-dropping athleticism, elite finish, and solid playmaking. Every young player will end up getting compared to legend of the past, and Ja Morant has often been compared to Russell Westbrook, another uber-athletic point guard who is an elite facilitator.

Russell Westbrook is a walking statistical anomaly, and of course, Ja Morant has some time to go before he is on Russell Westbrook's level. However, the two do have a high level of respect for one another. Ja Morant has spoken highly of Russell Westbrook in the past, and it was no surprise to see him shout out the former MVP ahead of Westbrook potentially tying Oscar Robertson's triple-double record against the Indiana Pacers.

There is no doubt that Russell Westbrook equaling Oscar Robertson would be amazing, as Robertson is one of the legends of the NBA. Russell Westbrook is great in his own right and has been unfairly criticized by many talking heads. However, as Ja Morant states, we should respect Russell Westbrook for what he does on a nightly basis. While Russell Westbrook has struggled to start the season, it is clear that he is still capable of playing scintillating basketball.

The Washington Wizards have been surging in the standings, and Westbrook has been a key factor in that happening. While some may not like his style of play, Westbrook is without a doubt an extremely special talent.