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Jalen Green Sends Message To Rockets Fans: "I Just Want Every Fan To Be Patient With Us."

Jalen Green

After enjoying years of prosperity with James Harden, the Houston Rockets are amid a hard rebuild that will likely have them at the bottom of the stands for years to come.

It's a tough pill to swallow for the loyal die-hards, but young stud Jalen Green is here to offer some reassurance.

In a chat with CNN, Green sent a message to Houston fans and preached patience for the long journey ahead.

“We’re a young team. We’re in the middle of a rebuild. We’re trying to make sure everyone has the same mindset to learn how to win and just take it day by day just to get better [and] be the best version of themselves," Green said. "I just want every fan to be patient with us. We’re working. We’re in the lab.”

The future is mired in uncertainty for Jalen Green and the Rockets, but they have a pretty solid foundation to work with. Besides Jalen, the roster includes Jabari Smith, Kevin Porter Jr., and Kenyon Martin Jr. Add that to a stockpile of future picks and a front office that knows what they're doing, and you've got a recipe for success.

All that is without counting Houston's potential to attract free agents.

Although some pundits were critical of the Rockets at the time, ESPN analyst Zach Lowe believes that the Rockets are well set to become a free agent destination.

“There just aren’t many teams that are this well set up for the future, in the whole league. Free agents will go to Houston.”

Jalen Green didn't have the best debut season, but there is still faith in who he can become going forward. If he and his other young stars are able to develop and live up to their potential, it might not be long before the Rockets begin to climb the latter towards contention.

For now, though, H-Town will just have to wait a while longer as the process continues to play out.