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Jamal Crawford Announces That LeBron James Will Play In The CrawsOver Pro-Am League: "I Thought It Was Gonna Be A Movie, Now It's History..."

LeBron James

As the greatest basketball player in the world, the price to watch LeBron James on the court is usually sky high.

But this summer, his participation in Pro-Am leagues has given some fans a unique opportunity to catch him live.

While we all know of his electrifying appearance at the Drew League, James is apparently also set to play in Jamal Crawford's 'CrawsOver' Pro-Am league as well.

I thought it was gonna be a movie… now it’s HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be a day like we’ve NEVER SEEN @KingJames WILL BE PLAYING @thecrawsover PRO AM!!!!!!!!!!! It’s O-V-E-R 

We don't know when James will make his appearance, or for how long, but it is no doubt a big moment for the league, which has already welcomed players like Dejounte Murray, John Collins, and Trae Young.

For James, it doesn't do much for him besides getting some extra reps in before the season, but it does mean a lot to the community and to the people who cannot afford to attend regular games.

Draymond Green explained it this way in a recent episode of his podcast:

"As someone who's not a local here, what I saw was like you just said, kids that will never in their life have the opportunity to watch you play have the opportunity to watch LeBron James play, and, like, I could feel that. Like, you could see that... You could see the reactions on their faces and to allow the city to touch him. Growing up, NBA players were surreal to me. They weren't real people. Somebody you watched play basketball on TV and, like, 'wow, that's incredible. I want to do that one day, but no clue how to get there.' What I saw from those kids was, they got to touch you. They got to touch LeBron James." (h/t SportsKeeda)

It looks like LeBron understands how important these games are to some people, which is probably why he has agreed to make an appearance at the CrawsOver Pro-Am.

No doubt, he will be the life of the battle out there as he demonstrates his skill and power to people who may have never seen him before.