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Jamal Crawford's Son Plays Just Like Him: 'Sky Is Limit For This Kid'

Credit: Ballislife

Credit: Ballislife

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Jamal Crawford's son is a pretty good sample of that. Crawford's 11-year-old kid, JJ, is showing off all his talent, demonstrating he got it from his father. 

JJ is doing his thing at the Ballislife Jr. All American Camp, posting big games, showing he can shoot, pass, finish at the rim, and more. Again, this kid is only 11. 

Ballislife shared a video showing some of the best plays from JJ at the camp. The boy has handles, range, and plays that spicy basketball like his father, putting up a show in every match. 

NBA fans watched the video and couldn't help but praise the kid. They were in awe of JJ's game resembling Jamal's. 

Crawford showed his happiness with his son's development, saying he still has things to do but is on the right way. 

J Crossover left a mark on the league. He's one of those players nobody can hate, and fans actually enjoy watching. The last team he played for in the NBA was the Brooklyn Nets, in the infamous Orlando bubble. 

Crawford is one of those fun players you'll never forget, even less when you see his son playing just like him. It seems like his legacy is in good hands.