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James Clark On James Harden Trade Rumors: "I Could Be Wrong Here But It Seems James Harden’s Camp Continues To Try To Drum Up Interest And Get Teams To Up Trade Offers For Him"

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(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

James Harden wants to cut off his love affair with the Houston Rockets. At some point, everyone's quit a job. James Harden has been loyal to the same franchise for a long amount of time, so now he wants to test the waters and try to win a championship with some other players. James Harden wants out, and he wants the world to hear about it. Surely, someone would come trade for a star of his caliber.

John Clark, a reporter on NBC Sports, has put doubt on prior information claiming that Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons has been available in trade talks for Harden.

In his tweet, Clark puts cold water on the hot theory that a James Harden trade for Ben Simmons could be imminent. Clark's source confirms that there are no current trade talks between the Rockets and the 76ers. The theory is floated that perhaps Harden's camp started the rumors: perhaps due to Harden's displeasure with Houston, he is trying to leave sooner. Although there is a point to be made, in that you don't need to "drum up" interest for James Harden: it's James Harden, the best scorer in the league.

While we won't know whether James Harden is purposely starting rumors about himself, we do know that he needs to leave the Rockets. At this point, it's a professional relationship that is waiting to be severed, so that both parties get a fresh start. The saga needs to come to a close, and hopefully, the Rockets come to a resolution with a trade partner in the near future.