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James Harden Fires Back At The Haters: "There's Nothing That Somebody Can Tell Me About My Game."

James Harden: "There's Nothing That Somebody Can Tell Me About My Game."

After another impressive performance for the 76ers, James Harden sent a message to his biggest doubters and haters.

Looking towards a crowd of reporters, the 32-year-old shooting guard reaffirmed belief in his game while reminding the world that nothing can shake his identity on the basketball court.

"I really don't care at all what people say. I know the work that I put in to be one of the best basketball players. Nothing was given to me, I wasn't one of the best basketball players growing up. I had to work every single day to be in the position I am today. So there's nothing that somebody can tell me about my game. I put the work in. I go out there and produce. I try to be the best teammate that I can be every single night, simple as that."

It hasn't been an easy road for James. After watching his team lose in the 2021 playoffs, he geared up for another run only to stand by as Kyrie Irving disqualified himself from action.

With Kyrie gone for most of the campaign, and Kevin Durant sidelined with an injury, Harden found himself carrying a broken and hobbled Nets team that kept losing games.

All the while, his relationship with both stars was drifting behind the scenes.

He pushed for a trade ahead of February's deadline before finally re-joining Daryl Morey on his new team in Philadelphia. Two games in, it's hard to say with any certainty how Harden's new partnership will play out.

For now, all we can do is stand back and watch how the Beard adjusts to his new surroundings. So far, things have looked good.

Either way, Harden isn't going to listen to the noise. He never has. Instead, he's going to put his head down and make the most of the opportunity in front of him.