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Jarrett Allen's Big Reaction To The New Cleveland Cavaliers Starting Lineup: "82-0 Lineup"

NBA Trade Rumors- Cleveland Cavaliers Could Trade Jarrett Allen

Well, it's safe to say that the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to get bigger ahead of this season. They've added multiple big men since the draft and capped it off by signing Tacko Fall to a non-guaranteed deal yesterday.

That's why people joked online claiming that they're going to roll with an all-big man lineup next season, with Tacko Fall at the point guard, Lauri Markkanen as the shooting guard, Kevin Love as small forward, Evan Mobley at the power forward position, and Jarrett Allen locking down the paint at center.

Allen seemed to like that idea, as he took to Twitter to say that this lineup would go 82-0 next season.

All jokes aside, there should be some level of concern if you're a Cavs fan. I mean, you took Evan Mobley in the draft as your franchise cornerstone, just to add more power forwards and centers to the roster.

In all fairness, it's unlikely that Tacko Fall is going to have a big role next season, and Kevin Love may not be on the roster by the end of the campaign.

Even so, maybe creating a logjam at the same position your priced rookie plays isn't the best way to handle his development.

Evan Mobley has the upside to become one of the best two-way big men in the league and he'll need as many minutes and touches as he can handle early on, especially considering that most centers take longer to develop than other players.

The Cavaliers are years away from contention so it's not like he'll be pressured to shine right away, but you can't help to wonder what were they thinking when they signed all these people.