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Jay Williams: 'On The Same Team We Have Burner Accounts, Honey Buns, And The Earth Is Flat.'

Jay Williams: 'On The Same Team We Have Burner Accounts, Honey Buns, And The Earth Is Flat.'

The Brooklyn Nets are the hottest topic in the NBA right after Kyrie Irving decided to miss the last couple of games due to "personal reasons" only to be spotted partying with his family in an undisclosed location. After that, they traded for James Harden, another controversial figure that didn't leave the Houston Rockets on the best terms.

Although the Nets starting lineup looks great on paper, a lot of people believe they are closer to being a disaster than a success given how explosive these players can be in certain moments. Former NBA player-turned-analyst Jay Williams reflected on all these moves and all the players that the Nets have right now.

Williams made fun of the new Big 3 of the Nets, delivering a big one-liner that perfectly sums up how the league perceives Durant, Irving and Harden.

"This is the most polarizing team in NBA history. Think about it, on the same team we have burner accounts, honey buns, and "the earth is flat," on the same team. Here is the thing, say hello to your new villain in the NBA, this is the new villain of the NBA and the reason why they're the new villain in the NBA is because people do not want this to be the formula for success," Williams said.

In case you can't remember, Kevin Durant has been famous for using burner accounts to reply to haters on social media. Harden is an avid fan of strip clubs and he doesn't hesitate to spend a lot of money in those establishments. As for Irving, he infamously said the earth is flat a couple of years ago before making more questionable statements about the world.

This team is filled out with some strong personalities and that could lead them to the promised land or make this team implode even before the playoffs.