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Jay Williams Says Dennis Schroder Was Never Offered $84 Million, 4-Year Contract Extension By Los Angeles Lakers

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Apparently, the Dennis Schroder saga ended when he signed a one-year deal with the Boston Celtics, but that's away from reality. The German point guard missed a big opportunity when the Los Angeles Lakers offered him a 4-year, $84 million contract extension, and he declined it. 

He had to settle with way less than he was initially offered after the Lakers found their point guard in Russell Westbrook. However, new rumors suggest that the purple and gold never handed this offer to Dennis. 

According to ESPN's Jay Williams, the 17-time NBA champions never offered that contract to the playmaker, contrary to what people said on social media. 

A lot comments abt Dennis Schroder lately “turning down 4yr 84 mil”. But what I’m hearing from a credible source is that there was never an “official” offer made. Interesting!

Well, Dennis' comments in the past couple of months pointed out that this was true. More rumors suggested he was seeking at least $100 million in his new contract, which never happened. 

Now he's reportedly 'shocked' after turning down those $84 million from the Lakers in one of the most complex sagas of the summer. His wife defended him against all the criticism and attacks he received recently, but this doesn't seem to be the end of this story. 

Anyway, that's part of the past now. Schroder is headed to Boston to play for the Celtics while the Lakers get ready to compete in the West after a tumultuous 2020/21 season. It's interesting to know where Williams got this information when every insider in the league said the same about Dennis.