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Jayson Tatum Laughs After NBA Fan Mocks Him With His Phone Message: “Steph Curry Is Your Daddy”

Jayson Tatum Laughs After NBA Fan Mocks Him With His Phone Message: “Steph Curry Is Your Daddy”

The 2022 NBA playoffs were pretty amazing and fans enjoyed it to their full extent. From the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors were playing with a chip on their shoulder. They had just one mission in their heads - to prove their doubters wrong.

On the other hand, from the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics made it to the NBA Finals. Considering the roster was very young, they also proved their haters wrong by advancing to the NBA Finals.

But after the dust settled, it was the Warriors who turned out to be too much for the young Boston Celtics squad. Although the Celtics might have lost, the team's fans tried their best to throw the Warriors off their game.

Anyway, after the best-of-seven series between the two sides, the teams have given birth to a rivalry that is expected to carry forward in the future. Of course, this means that the fan bases of both franchises won't let go of any and every chance of humiliating the opposing team's players.

An NBA fan recently did so to Jayson Tatum. If you remember throughout the series, Warriors superstar Stephen Curry was toying with Tatum and the Celtics. To further point out that fact, the aforementioned NBA fan showed JT his phone. The fan's phone had the message "Steph Curry is your daddy" written on it.

Did you expect Tatum to lose his cool? Well, if you thought so, you couldn't be more wrong. The Celtics superstar read the message and just laughed it off.

Regardless of how Tatum reacted, it was a hilarious tactic by the NBA fan to get a laugh out of all the people around him and millions of fans on the internet. As this little stunt has already gone viral on social media.