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Joel Embiid Reacts To James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade With Hilarious Meme

Joel Embiid Reacts To James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade With Hilarious Meme

The Ben Simmons saga is finally over after several months full of rumors and speculation. The Australian point guard is headed to Brooklyn after being swapped for James Harden. 

The Beard finds his way to Philadelphia after only one year with the Nets, reportedly tired of carrying the big load of the Nets. People in Philly are happy to see Simmons out and Harden arriving, which means they'll have a better chance to win the title this season. 

Everybody has something to say about this, including Harden's new partner in crime, Joel Embiid. The Cameroonian big man made some big comments regarding Ben Simmons in recent days. Now that the point guard is gone, Joel is ready to start a new challenge with another superstar like James Harden. 

After the news surfaced, it didn't take long for Joel to react to it, posting a hilarious meme to describe how he's feeling right now. 

The Sixers finally ended their back and forth with Ben Simmons and added another All-Star to the roster. Embiid has stated he would be excited to play alongside James Harden and this finally came to fruition. 

At some point, it looked like the trade wouldn't go through, but the Nets and Sixers agreed on a deal, exchanging their disgruntled players before the trade deadline struck. Both Nets and Sixers can have bigger chances to win it all this year after this move, but time will tell which team won this trade. 

Embiid is happy now and ready to join forces with Harden. The Sixers were already a dangerous team before this, but now their level got a boost with the 2018 NBA MVP teaming up with "The Process."