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Joel Embiid Says His Partnership With James Harden Is "Unstoppable"

Joel Embiid Says His Partnership With James Harden Is "Unstoppable"

In just two games together, James Harden and Joel Embiid seem to have built something truly special -- and they both know it.

Addressing the media after Philly's victory on Sunday, MVP frontrunner Joel Embiid let the world know how he felt about his new partner and their play on the basketball floor together.

(via USA Today)

“Unstoppable,” Embiid said. “What are you really gonna do? He’s a great passer and, obviously, I got someone that attracts a lot of attention so you gotta make a decision. Do you stay on me or do you stay on him? If you wanna guard both of us with the other guys now, you got Matisse (Thybulle) diving to the rim or wide-open shooters that got one job to do and that is to make shots. That’s all we gotta keep doing.”

There is no doubt that room for growth exists between the pair. Adjustments need to be made. But it's clear that Harden is feeling good in his new surroundings and the first two games were just a taste of what they could accomplish together.

“We are very comfortable,” said Harden. “He likes to pop, he likes to roll, he likes to mix it in a little bit, so as long as we continue that communication like ‘this play is this, this play is that’, things will be great. I know a couple plays, I’m just out there winging it, honestly, and just trying to make the best decision in terms of my playmaking ability each possession.”

After months of chaos in the Ben Simmons era, the Sixers are being rewarded for their patience with prosperity. Daryl Morey pulled all the strings to get Harden, and it seems to be a match made in heaven.

This could be the season the Sixers break through and make a run for the Finals... or maybe not. With only two games for Harden, it's impossible to tell how it all ends.

For now, there is a level of optimism and excitement the franchise hasn't seen in a long time.