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John Wall Agrees With Tweet Criticizing His Situation With Houston Rockets: "Punished For Something You Can't Control."

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John Wall

During the 2020-21 season, John Wall averaged 20.6 PPG and 6.9 APG on the Houston Rockets. While he wasn't particularly efficient, it is clear that John Wall is still a solid player. 

It was previously reported that John Wall could sit out the entire season as he and the Rockets work to find a trade. Wall has been sitting out, and there has seemingly been no movement towards a trade. One of the things that complicate the trade process is that John Wall's contract is large for his current production, making it difficult for a team to absorb it in a trade.

It seems as though John Wall is fed up with being unable to play. John Wall has recently agreed with a Tweet that criticized his current situation with the Houston Rockets, claiming that he was being "punished" for circumstances that are out of his control.

While John Wall is still getting paid for his time away from the team, it makes sense that he wants to play as a competitor. We all know that John Wall can likely still excel in the league, even if he isn't the All-NBA player that we once saw in Washington. If John Wall were to get bought out and signed with a contender, he could surprise a lot of people.

At the same time, it is easy to see why the Houston Rockets are doing what they're doing. They want to develop Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr., and playing Wall would likely take minutes away from those other players. They also likely don't want to lose money and buy out his contract.

Hopefully, we see the team and John Wall find a trade soon. John Wall deserves an opportunity to play, and he is a great slasher and playmaker. While a trade doesn't seem to be coming quite yet, it is possible that things will change in the future.