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Kanye West Reveals Why Michael Jordan Still Won't Meet With Him: “Yeezy Jumped Over Jumpman”

Kanye West Reveals Why Michael Jordan Still Won't Meet With Him: “Yeezy Jumped Over Jumpman”

Kanye West is not your average rapper. Ye has always been in and out of controversies throughout his career, be it the Taylor Swift incident or his views on Michael Jordan. Speaking of Jordan, he and Kanye got into it recently.

In his hit song "Facts" from 2015, West used the line, "Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman." Knowing MJ, he of course took it personally and is yet to talk to Kanye after the incident. In an interview with N.O.R.E, Ye reflected upon it and said:

"Jordan still won’t meet with me. I’m trying to meet with Michael Jordan. I’m like, ‘It’s a song, man.’ Michael Jordan said this thing like, ‘Why y’all acting like Virgil [Abloh] made me hot? These shoes is hot."

The line that Ye used in his song in a way suggested that the Yeezy brand is better and more successful than Jordan's. Which for a while was true back in 2018, when Adidas officially sold more sneaker pairs than MJ's brand. 

Kanye has been the biggest reason for the revival of Adidas. Initially, West was part of Nike when the first Nike Air Yeezy dropped back in 2009. Following that, it dropped the Nike Air Yeezy II. But the relationship between Ye and Nike went south in 2013.

This led to the successful rapper representing Adidas instead. The decision turned out to be worth significantly more than it seemed at the moment. The gap between Nike and Adidas has narrowed thanks to Ye.

By the way, the lyrics in the 2015 song were never a diss to Mike. Kanye cleared off this confusion by tweeting in 2016 about the beef.

"I'm sorry Michael Jordan I love and respect you. My beef was with Mark Parker. I respect you so much."

The tweet simply explained that West never meant to have any kind of feud with MJ, instead, he directed the lyrics towards former Nike CEO Mark Parker. 

Well, whatever be the case, it seems like Jordan has made his find about the situation. Most fans know that if there is one thing that Mike can't take, it's losing. 

Jordan must be happy to know that the Jordan brand is on top of the sneaker world as things stand right now.

As for Kanye, he recently dropped the much-anticipated Donda album. Ye's love and affection for basketball were quite evident in it as he had an emotional song tribute to the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant on his album.

Apart from that, it was also confirmed that Nets superstar Kevin Durant had some special advice for Kanye regarding his album. The connection between rappers and NBA players is something special and fans love to see that.

After all, both the rappers and NBA athletes usually share their common love for sneakers. Of course, in the case of MJ and Ye, that love turned out to be the reason for their beef, which has now lasted for more than 5 years. Will the two stars ever go back to talking terms? Well, only the great Michael Jordan can answer that.