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Kevin Durant Advised Kanye West On Newly Released Donda Album

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Kanye West's highly-anticipated album Donda was released today, ending a long wait for many fans. There has been a lot of praise for the album on social media, and it definitely turned out well. 

The music world and the NBA world sometimes intersect, and it seems as though this was the case for Donda. Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press reported that Kevin Durant "advised" Kanye West on the album while it was being created. Reynolds also shared a quote from Durant about West, calling him a "master" at what he does, and detailing his experience at one of West's listening parties. A Reddit post by user GuyCarbonneauGOAT provided a video from the Olympics for the quote. The clip also had Kevin Durant predicting that the album would be "incredible" when it dropped.

It's Kanye West, he's a master at his craft. I mean, I was just sitting back and just taking in the vibes, listening. He's so humble that his plan for everybody was to hear their input. He was asking me which songs that I like, and I was like "Well you're asking me, the ones I like, you gonna put then on the album?"

So then he actually did that in that listening party... So I'm sure he's just making alterations to the album, and it's going to be incredible when it drops.

It seems as though Kevin Durant played a part in which songs went on the album, and it's fair to say that he did have a hand in its success. The album will likely continue to be listened to by fans for quite a while considering the amount of hype surrounding it as well as the quality of the music. It also seems as though the public definitely agreed with Kevin Durant's assessment of the album thus far.