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Kendrick Perkins Believes There Is No Way The Nets Can Trust Kevin Durant Now: "Didn't KD Just Call For Steve Nash And Sean Marks' Job?... How In The Hell Do You Expect To Make That Work When The Trust Is Not There?"

George Karl Criticizes Kevin Durant For Creating Drama In Brooklyn: "Kevin Durant Is A Great Player But I Wish He Would've Handled This Better"

With the roster that the Brooklyn Nets had last season, the team should have at least made it to the NBA Finals last season. For the start of the season, they had a Big 3 of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. James Harden was later replaced by Ben Simmons due to the Beard's trade request.

While Simmons didn't play a single game for the Nets, the superstar duo of KD and Kyrie was expected to carry the team till Simmons was fit enough to play. Unfortunately, things went south really quickly for the Nets.

They were eliminated in the first round of the postseason. Later on, this performance had a catastrophic impact on the offseason. Kevin Durant ended up requesting a trade out of the Brooklyn Nets.

On top of that, when weeks passed, and KD didn't get traded, reports suggested that Durant forced the Nets to choose between him or Steve Nash and Sean Marks. This was a shocking revelation.

But so far, the Nets haven't given into KD's atrocious demands as both Steve Nash and Sean Marks are still present with the franchise. Moreover, with each passing day, it seems more plausible that KD might have to spend the upcoming season playing for the Nets.

However, NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins believes there is now a lack of trust between KD and the Nets franchise.

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"That's my point what I'm trying to tell everybody else around the world. Alright, that they keep saying 'oh, Brooklyn gone try to get him into training camp and try to work this out.' How? How? Didn't KD just call for Steve Nash and Sean Marks' job? Didn't Joe Tsai say the other night he stood by them and said they're not going nowhere. How in the hell do you expect to make that work when the trust is not there? Because if I'm Steve Nash, I don't trust KD."

Well, Durant is one of the best players in the league. The Nets will be more than happy to let him stay since he still has four years left on his new contract.

Despite that, if KD is indeed forced to play next season for the Nets, it could kill the chemistry in the locker room. Durant could become a toxic person for players, coaches, and the management of the franchise. This once again begs the question: Can Kevin Durant and the Nets make it work out together? But only time will tell the true story.