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Kendrick Perkins On Michael Jordan: 'He Lied, He Threw Everybody Under The Bus. He Is Not My Goat.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins never misses a chance to throw shade at Michael Jordan and put LeBron James as the GOAT of basketball. Obviously, the GOAT debate has been a hot topic in the league since MJ's 10-part docu-series saw the light last April. Old fans remembered all the great things Jordan did while the new generations learned why so many people worship the Chicago Bulls legend.

However, for Perkins, the documentary was the best way to attack MJ and make the case for LeBron as the GOAT. The 2008 NBA champion claimed that Jordan lied, threw a lot of people under the bus and staged everything to look like the hero of the situation. Talking about audio in which you can hear Jordan saying he didn't want to play with Isiah Thomas in the 1992 Dream Team, Perkins said:

"I'm glad [Michael Jordan] is not my GOAT. ... He lied, he threw everybody under the bus. At the end of the day, The Last Dance was to make MJ look like a superhero, and make everybody else look like a villain."

He doubled down his comments on Twitter, claiming that The Last Dance was a big lie to make Jordan look good and nothing else.

"All MJ did in the “Last Dance” Documentary was lie to make everybody else look like the Villains and make himself the Superhero. I’m glad LeBron James is my GOAT. The evidence is out! #FreeZeke#FreeZeke"

If he needed a reason to throw shade at Jordan, this was it. He didn't miss the chance and make Jordan look like the villain of the documentary. This is not the first time we see the former center do this and it surely won't be the last.