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Kent Bazemore Appears To Take A Shot At Bradley Beal While Praising Stephen Curry: "49 Points In 29 Minutes, That's Unreal. We Got Guys Hurting Hamstrings Just To Keep Up."

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via NBC Sports

via NBC Sports

As we head towards the end of the season, the race for the scoring title is between two candidates at the top: Bradley Beal and Stephen Curry. Both have taken on an immense scoring load for their franchise, with Bradley Beal averaging 31.4 PPG, and Stephen Curry averaging 31.9 PPG. Needless to say, both are prolific scorers and are neck and neck in the fight for the award.

Stephen Curry's teammate, Kent Bazemore, has recently appeared to take shots at Bradley Beal while praising Stephen Curry's recent performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Bazemore praised Stephen Curry's game, while also referring to Bradley Beal's recent hamstring injury, saying that people are getting injured just to keep up with Curry.

While it is admirable that Kent Bazemore is ride or die with Stephen Curry, it seems strange that he appears to denigrate Bradley Beal for getting injured here. Bradley Beal and Stephen Curry are both high-volume scorers, and while Stephen Curry is the better overall player, they have both had amazing seasons. Injuries are a serious matter, and Kent Bazemore's words definitely appear slightly insensitive to Beal's own situation. 

At the end of the day, Stephen Curry and Bradley Beal are both high-caliber players who are both deserving of the scoring title. While Bradley Beal may not end up winning this year due to having to miss some time with the hamstring injury, he definitely has the potential to do it in the future. There is no doubt that fans would rather have had both stars at full health trying to score at a high level until the end of the regular season, but perhaps we could get a similar scenario another season.