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Kevin Durant Calls Out ESPN's Jackie MacMullan Over 'Goal To Win 3 Titles' In Brooklyn: "She Framed This Like We Are Friends. We Are Not."


Kevin Durant once again starred in a controversial moment on social media. The Brooklyn Nets player recently went after Scottie Pippen after the Chicago Bulls criticized him, putting LeBron James over him. 

He just finished his first season with the Brooklyn Nets, failing to beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the playoffs. It was a tough loss, but the player is ready to bounce back, and according to reports, he's keen to add three more championships to his résumé. 

ESPN's Jackie MacMullan recently claimed that the player wants to win three titles with the Nets, which didn't sit well with KD. He took to Twitter to dismiss that notion, calling out the NBA writer. 

“I do think in talking with him, his genuine goal is to win three championships in Brooklyn.”

Durant wasn't happy with any of that, clarifying that those weren't his words and Jackie has no right to speak for him. 

Once again, I don’t even talk like this…plus I don’t have a relationship with Jackie for us to have in depth conversations about my intentions as a basketball player. I get she plays an opinion based sport but she framed this like we are friends. We are not..

KD is very sensitive when people mention him, especially when the things they say aren't true. The Slim Reaper is not afraid of calling them out if he feels disrespected. Once again, he showed that you shouldn't mess with him and get away with it.