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Kevin Durant Continues His Beef With Nick Wright On Twitter When Responding To Fan: "I'm Sure It Was A Trash Segment. You Could Do Nicky's Job."

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a superstar that is known for his prowess on the court, but he is also recognized as a player that is adept at using social media and willing to roast analysts and fans alike.

One of the analysts that Kevin Durant has repeatedly beefed with on Twitter is Nick Wright. It's not as if it is unwarranted though, as Nick Wright himself has taken a lot of shots at Kevin Durant in the past.

Shoutout to KD, the greatest scorer of his generation and I’m told possibly any generation, who now has 1 more 40 point games this season than LeBron has 50 point games this season. 

Recently, Kevin Durant took shots at Nick Wright when responding to a fan about a segment that Nick Wright did about him, with a "Club Superstar" theme. Kevin Durant claimed that he is "sure it was a trash segment" and told the fan that he "could do Nicky's job". Kevin Durant also responded to somebody criticizing him for saying that a random Twitter user could do Nick Wright's job, joking that Nick Wright would "be fine", as he's "making millions". On top of that Kevin Durant also sarcastically told Nick Wright "thanks" for having him in the superstar club.

There is no doubt that Kevin Durant is still a superstar, and it will be interesting to see how good the Brooklyn Nets will be with him at the helm. With Kyrie Irving being a full-time player and with Ben Simmons getting healthy, the Brooklyn Nets could be a force in the Eastern Conference.

Kevin Durant had a subpar playoff run, but with an offseason of rest, he should be ready to get back at full strength. Hopefully, he is able to lead the Brooklyn Nets to an NBA championship.