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Kevin Durant Hilariously Can't Figure Out How To Use TikTok: "Yo, How I Work This Sh*t?"

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the world, but when the offseason comes around, there's a lot more off the court from KD that keeps fans engaged. While this summer has revolved a lot around his trade request to try to leave Brooklyn, Durant has also continued to engage fans and media on Twitter, as he often does. 

And it seems Twitter isn't the only social media for KD to express himself anymore. Durant recently posted his first ever TikTok. And true to form, Durant, being the old head he is, had no idea how exactly to use it. His confusion was evident in the short video itself, he seemed unsure of exactly what to do with the camera pointed at his face. 

"Yo, how I work this sh*t?"

Despite being quite passionate on the court and in his responses off of it as well, KD's deadpan delivery in situations like these is what makes him quite hilarious. While many on TikTok will follow trends or do certain dances and things of the like, it's hard to imagine KD putting out the sort of content that Damian Lillard does

Durant will have the opportunity to explore this new medium, one that is quite popular among teenagers and a younger demographic, to engage with more people than he already does. Whether that's a good idea or not remains to be seen, considering the criticism that he already receives for the things he says, but the superstar is also the last person to care about that. 

Social media and especially platforms as popular as TikTok are an excellent way to grow a person's brand. And like most NBA stars, Durant is also a businessman aside from being a hooper, and since he already churns out content in the form of a podcast, this can be another way for him to make some strides on that front.