Kevin Durant On The Incident With Draymond Green: 'It Happened In Front Of The Whole Team And Nobody Really Talked About It.'

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(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

One of the defining moments of Kevin Durant's tenure with the Warriors was his famous incident with Draymond Green.

During his last season with the team, Durant and Draymond got into a verbal altercation on the Warriors' bench at the end of regulation. After Green attempted a potential game-winning shot instead of passing the ball to Durant, they got into it on the sidelines and in the locker room later. At one point, Green crossed the line by bringing up KD's impending free agency.

Eventually, Durant revealed that it was actually a (small) part of the reason he left the Warriors and that things were never quite the same after that. In a more recent interview with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on "All The Smoke" podcast, Durant revealed some more details on the situation.

"It happened in front of the whole team and nobody really talked about it, it was just swept under the rug, and to me it was like we are a family, let's all talk about it. When that didn't happen, I was just like let me hoop and worry about myself."

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Judging from KD's own words, it seems like the altercation was a turning point for the Warriors. It changed the dynamic between KD and the rest of his teammates, especially Draymond.

In Brooklyn, he's got a fresh slate and a new partner-in-crime named Kyrie Irving. Hopefully, the two can establish a bond that lasts well beyond their days on the basketball court.