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Kevin Durant On The Possibility Of Playing At Center Next Season: 'I've Just Got To Be Ready For Anything'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant is getting ready to start a new chapter in his career with the Brooklyn Nets, the team that signed him last season even though he was injured. KD is a huge talent and that's why the Nets didn't care about his injury in 2019 free agency.

The player brings a lot of things to the table and the team wants to take advantage of that and win a championship with KD and Kyrie Irving leading the way. They signed a new head coach, Steve Nash, a couple of months ago and the expectations for this team are really high. KD is back and ready to compete and the Nets fans have reasons to be excited about this squad.

We'll see a couple of changes on the lineup when the season starts and KD is well aware of that. He recently talked about the possibility of playing at the five and he showed his willingness to help the team with everything they could need.

"I think Coach is going to use me in a variety of ways, especially as a small-ball 5 and 4 sometimes," Durant said, via ESPN. "And bringing the ball up, too, so I've just got to be ready for anything... Coach is just going to throw me out there and see how I respond."

This comes after Steve Nash had stated that KD was going to be used in a variety of positions, even at the five on some occasions. He's bringing new ideas to the team and they want to play at a fast pace. What better than use Durant as the center?

"Kevin, with his length, is a matchup problem for everyone," Nash said. "[Kyrie Irving's] excellent off the ball. Kevin can play all five positions, and I plan to use him in all five positions. I get excited to use some of the guys on the roster: Caris [LeVert], [DeAndre Jordan], Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris."

These Nets are expected to be an entertaining team to watch and knowing all the plans they have for this upcoming season, that notion gets bigger by the day.