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Kevin Durant On Why He Broke Up With His Fiancee In 2014: "I Love This Girl. But I Didn't Love Her The Right Way."

Kevin Durant On Why He Broke Up With His Fiancee In 2014: "I Love This Girl. But I Didn't Love Her The Right Way."

Kevin Durant is an absolute killer on the floor, arguably the NBA's most effective scorer. Despite his toughness on the court, he is an absolute delight off the floor.

According to a publication by Zach Baron on GQ, Durant was in love at a point in time, but things ended in 2014, denying the two-time NBA champ a chance at a fairy tale ending with someone who was like a high school sweetheart. Durant revealed that he was once engaged to two-time WNBA champion Monica Wright but felt he did not know how to love her the right way.

"I had a fiancée, but...I really didn’t know how to, like, love her, you know what I’m saying? We just went our separate ways."

"We was just hanging out, chilling. And I felt the energy. I felt, I need to do this right now. And I just did it. I was like...We’re engaged right now? We’re about to get married? So I was just like, cool! I love this girl. But I didn’t love her the right way."

You can tell that Durant felt really bad about how things ended with Wright but did not give out too much information regarding the matter. He, however, pointed out that he often went to bed wondering if he was going to be alone forever.

In an interview with Risen Magazine, Monica gave a bit more insight into how things played out and why it ended like so.

“Yeah, in my last relationship [with Durant], I had to make a decision about compromising myself as a woman. I had to make a decision to leave a relationship, which a lot of people thought I was crazy to leave. There was a lot of criticism over it. But I think God had my back in it. Because I hold to what I know to be true, that is what God will reward instead of what people on the earth think is a good catch.”

“I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.” 

Both individuals have moved on and are leading successful lives. Monica is currently an assistant coach with the Virginia Cavaliers after injuries ended her playing career.

Durant has continued to dominate in the league, as he is one of the frontrunners for the 2021-22 NBA MVP award. He is also in search of a third championship, and the Brooklyn Nets were heavy favorites to win the title coming into the season. Even though they are not performing like champions right now, they could pick things up as the season progresses.