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Kevin Durant, Paul George, And Bradley Beal All Had Their Best Scoring Seasons When Playing With Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook Reportedly Tried To Convince Bradley Beal To Demand A Trade From Washington

Great scorers are important to any team. They handle a large part of the offensive load, and they are the players who are given the ball in important moments to keep the team's momentum. 

Part of the reason some scorers thrive is that they have a secondary player who can run the offense and set up their teammates. If a co-star can run an offense, that takes a lot of playmaking load off the scorer, allowing them to conserve energy and focus on getting buckets when needed.

Russell Westbrook is one of the most polarizing players in the game, who fits into the category of player who can run an offense. Some suggest that his triple-doubles are merely a product of his usage rate, while others can appreciate the historic records that he is breaking, even if he is ball-dominant. What is clear though, is that Russell Westbrook is one of the best facilitators in the game and that his teammates often do better when he's on the floor. 

A recent Reddit post by u/parraluman has revealed that Bradley Beal, Paul George, and Kevin Durant all enjoyed their highest-scoring seasons when playing with Russell Westbrook. While obviously, Russell Westbrook isn't the only reason that those stars scored that often, having someone who can carry some of the offensive load definitely helps, and Westbrook is a versatile point guard who can take on different roles on the court, whether as a scorer or a facilitator.

2013-14 Kevin Durant - 32.0 ppg

2018-19 Paul George - 28.0 ppg

2020-21 Bradley Beal - 31.3 ppg

Westbrook only played 46 games with Durant in 2013-14 but it doesn't fit my narrative so let's forget about that. If the trend continues, I guess it's only reasonable to expect that Malik Monk will have a career year.

There is no doubt that Russell Westbrook is a very productive player who can play a crucial role in most offenses. He is now on the Los Angeles Lakers, with a chance for a championship. If this trend continues, then perhaps Anthony Davis or LeBron James will be the next to improve their scoring numbers when playing with Russell Westbrook.