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Kevin Durant Praises Stephen Curry After He Breaks Ray Allen’s Three-Point Record: “2974… More On The Way. Congrats To The God.”

Kevin Durant Praises Stephen Curry After He Breaks Ray Allen’s Three-Pointer Record: “2974… More On The Way. Congrats To The God.”

The world is still reeling after seeing Stephen Curry make history. Against the New York Knicks, Stephen Curry surpassed Ray Allen for the most three-pointers made in NBA history. It was a truly incredible moment, one that fans had been anticipating for a long time.

But it wasn't just fans that were waiting for it. Curry's former teammate Kevin Durant took to Twitter to congratulate Stephen Curry for surpassing Ray Allen's three-point record and said that there was more to come. he also called Curry 'a god', and praised his work.

2974…more on the way. Congrats to the God

Durant was far from the first player to take to social media to react to Curry's history-making moment. Several NBA players heaped praise on Curry and gave him his flowers on social media. And while Durant's words as a former teammate will be special, it was far from the only thing KD said online that made the news.

Durant took to Twitter earlier in the night to slam Skip Bayless, telling him that he doesn't like him. Regardless of Durant's feelings against Skip, nothing can take away from the love KD showed Curry online. It was a genuinely nice moment between two former teammates.

While playing together, KD and Durant found incredible success. They played together only for three years, but went to three consecutive NBA Finals, and won 2 NBA championships. KD and Curry were almost like a cheat code, as no team could beat the Warriors at full strength.

Durant left in 2019 and joined the Brooklyn Nets. Many have speculated that Durant left because he felt he would never be the top star in Golden State, as that distinction would forever belong to Steph. Regardless of that, it is clear that KD and Curry still have an incredible amount of respect and love for each other.