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Kevin Durant Roasted Skip Bayless: "I Really Don't Like You."

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There are a lot of media basketball analysts that are well-known for hot takes, and Skip Bayless is one of them. A lot of people have roasted Skip Bayless for his takes before, with a lot of people generally pointing out how his takes are wrong in his Twitter comments.

Skip Bayless has recently called Kevin Durant the "Best Player on the Planet" on Twitter but also used the Tweet as a dig at superstar LeBron James jokingly asking if LeBron James was watching Kevin Durant's clutch triple-double performance against the Raptors.

Kevin Durant responded to the Tweet and expressed his disdain for Skip Bayless saying "I really don't like you" in response. Usually, a player would obviously appreciate being called the best player in the league, but it's clear that Kevin Durant wasn't happy with the Tweet also being used to bring down LeBron James.

Skip Bayless: The Best Player on the Planet was at it again tonight in Brooklyn, going assassin in overtime for the COVID-rocked Nets. Nothing like Kevin Durant. You watch, Bron?

Kevin Durant: I really don't like you.

It makes sense that Kevin Durant doesn't like his name being used to bring down a fellow superstar. Of course, a lot of analysis is based on comparisons between players. However, Skip Bayless has a history of targeting LeBron James with criticism, and it was notably proven that he tweets twice as much about LeBron James than Bronny James and Savannah James, combined.

We'll see if Skip Bayless offers a response to Kevin Durant's words, whether via Twitter or on his show, Undisputed. There's no doubt that these are some heavy words from Kevin Durant, and it's likely that Bayless didn't expect such a response. Kevin Durant definitely has a good case for being the best in the world, but he's not about people using his ability to bring others down.