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Kevin Durant Suddenly Became The Therapist Of A Member Of Lakers Twitter Who Was Catfished

Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The internet is a wild place and when it meets with the NBA, things can easily get out of control. That was the case for a Los Angeles Lakers fan who was catfished by a person pretending to be a girl that was a big fan of the purple and gold. Apparently, this game was 5-years-old but it's now that people have realized they were getting deceived.

On Monday night, the "Viviangate" blew up on Twitter, with several people wondering what was happening around the NBA community. Well, 'Vivian' was apparently a big Lakers fan that started some sort of relationship with another fan through the phone. The man seemingly fell for "her" but later realized he was being catfished.

NBA fans had a lot to say about this and even media members were asking what was actually going on with all these people. Well, even Kevin Durant was involved in this whole situation as the Brooklyn Nets superstar became the therapist of the man catfished, who goes by the name 'Big Kings' on Twitter. KD jumped in Twitter Spaces and was talking about this whole situation, giving some advice to Kings about love and life. Durant was surprised that the girl in question didn't want to facetime Kings and even joked about it.

"Big Kings... Was catfished for how long... By another guy?" Durant asked.

The 2x NBA champion wanted to know more details and kept the questions.

"At what time you decided to commit to this person? Like you was super super, like you haven't talked to a woman in a while?"

In the end, Durant admitted Kings had made a mistake but that was it. Life wasn't going to end because he was deceived online. Nobody knew if the person behind the Twitter account was actually a man but everything pointed out that it actually is.

"Man, that's an honest mistake, Kings. You good," Durant finished his intervention.

KD was just being a regular person like the rest of us and he was actually trying to help this man. The internet can be a really crazy place and if you're not careful, you could get tricked or hurt by people with bad intentions. Fortunately, the NBA community was here to dismantle all this mystery, although there are things they're yet to know on this whole saga.