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Kevin Durant Was Wilding On Twitter With Scarlett Johansson In 2011: "Scarlett Johansson, I Will Drink Ur Bathwater."

Kevin Durant Was Wilding On Twitter With Scarlett Johansson In 2011: "Scarlett Johansson, I Will Drink Ur Bathwater."

Social media in the hands of celebrities may have brought them closer to ordinary people in terms of interaction, but it has also shown just how normal they are. NBA players are some of the most incredible athletes in the world, they are quite literally built differently. But when it comes to social interaction and understanding, there's not much difference between them and the average 20-year-old. 

And perhaps no one is as openly themselves on Twitter as Kevin Durant. Despite being one of his generation's premier superstars, KD tweets everything he thinks, often without a filter. These days that involves clapping back at media members and analysts and occasionally roasting fans that get too cocky. Durant's Twitter game is unmatched, but if his past tweets are to be considered, then it has arguably gotten tamer. 

In 2011, when the internet was still in its infancy, and people could get away with saying things, KD made quite a wild tweet. Scarlett Johansson is one of the most popular actresses of the 2010s, and many are a fan of her talent and beauty. And Durant is no different, as he sent a wild tweet from 2011 to the actress.

“Scarlett johanneson I will drink ur bath water... #random"

Not only is this tweet very forward and a bit crazy, but Kevin Durant also managed to misspell ScarJo's name in the process. The then Oklahoma City Thunder star was quite young, though, and this is exactly the sort of thing that one would expect from someone who is in their early 20s and has the world at their feet. 

Kevin Durant Roasted Former Player Olden Polynice On Twitter

Kevin Durant's Twitter days of tagging celebrities are past him now, though the superstar is more involved with basketball-related matters. He recently gave it off to former NBA player Olden Polynice over something he said about KD's teammate, Kyrie Irving. 

"There was no truth in what u said. U have no impact on anything Olden. Enjoy retirement lol."

Whatever anyone thinks of KD's decisions in his basketball career, it's evident that Durant is an entertaining presence on social media. His candid words and ability to be himself without worrying about what people think is quite refreshing. And we can always hope to see some more wild tweets about bath water in the future.