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Kevin Garnett Confirms He Ended Beef With Ray Allen: "I Wish Ray All The Best, And I Wish Him And His Family All The Best"

Paul Pierce Records Kevin Garnett And Ray Allen Talking And Shares It On His Instagram Story

It's safe to say that the Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen feud has ended for good after these two players exchanged praises on social media. After winning one NBA championship in two trips to the Finals, the Boston Celtics Big 3 took a major hit when Allen left the squad and joined their archenemies, the Miami Heat. 

After nine years, there was no clear indication that Allen and Garnett would ever make amends, but that changed after both players made the NBA All-Time 75 players list. Before this, Garnett did everything to ignore Allen's existence, even cropping him out of pictures and not mentioning his name at all

Even their former teammates knew getting them together would be challenging, but things are looking better now. KG gave kudos to Allen after they were selected to the 75 list, and Allen replied to that

Now, Garnett confirmed he's past that situation and wishes Ray nothing but the best. Talking with Sopan Deb of The New York Times, The Big Ticket said: 

Deb: Paul Pierce is featured heavily in the documentary, as are several other Celtics teammates from 2008. One who is barely mentioned is Ray Allen. Have you softened your stance toward Ray at all? [Some of Allen’s teammates were angry after Allen, who was with the Celtics from 2007 to 2012, left for Miami in free agency after the Heat defeated the Celtics in the playoffs.]

Garnett: I wish Ray all the best, and I wish him and his family all the best, and whatever he’s doing, I’ll always be supportive of it. And that’s all I got to say.

Deb: Your teammates from that team have said, “It’s K.G. who has to be the one who wants to talk to Ray.” Are you open to any sort of reconciliation with him?

Garnett: It’s not that big of a deal to me. I think Ray’s living his life. I’m living mine. That’s where I stand on it. I think if people wanted to do something, we would have done it by now. So it’s pretty obvious where we’re at, but I wish all the best to all my teammates and people that I played with. Not just Ray, everybody.

There you go. After several years without the desire to talk to his former teammate, the 2004 NBA MVP has changed his mind and is on good terms with the sharpshooter. They lived great moments on the court and even though that move felt like a betrayal, Garnett is over that. 

We'll probably see them reunite during KG's jersey retirement ceremony, which will be a very emotional night for the Celtics Nation.