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Kevin Garnett Wants To Buy The Seattle Supersonics And Bring Them Back To The NBA

(via Dunking with Wolves)

(via Dunking with Wolves)

Back in the day, the Seattle Supersonics had one of the fiercest, most loyal fanbases in the NBA, so it was pretty heartbreaking to see them 'lose' their team when they moved to Oklahoma City over a decade ago.

Ever since there have been countless initiatives to try and bring the Sonics back to Seattle, although he league has shut down the door on a potential expansion any time soon.

However, that hasn't stopped Kevin Garnett from dreaming with the chance of bringing back life to the Pacific Northwest, as he recently told Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press:

“If I have a dream, I would say that I would love to be able to go and buy the Seattle Supersonics and reactivate the Pacific Northwest. Seattle was huge to our league. I would love to be able to do that. That’s what’s up. If there’s one thing I could do tomorrow, it would be that," Garnett claimed during an interview.

Needless to say, fulfilling that desire isn't going to be easy. Money isn't going to be an issue for Garnett and his investors, that's for sure, but moving an NBA team to Seattle or creating a 'new' franchise could take years.

Seattle deserves to have an NBA team again, that's for sure, and the Sonics are one of the most iconic franchises of the '90s with Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, so it would be great to see those green jerseys back in the league.

But Garnett and the 'new' Sonics would also need more teams to get in line in order for the NBA to even address the possibility of expansion.

Las Vegas and Kentucky have also pushed for the chance to have their very own NBA franchise, but as of today, it seems like it'll be nothing but a beautiful dream.