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Kevin Hart Asked Dennis Rodman How Many Times He Was In Jail: "I'd Say Over 100."

Kevin Hart Asked Dennis Rodman How Many Times He Was In Jail: "I'd Say Over 100."

Dennis Rodman is one of the most one-of-a-kind personalities that the game of basketball has ever seen. His personality on the court is something people have seen, as Rodman won 5 championships on two different teams as one of the standout defensive players of his generation. 

Rodman off the court is a completely different animal. The same unpredictability we saw him show on the court was evident in his life outside the world of basketball. Be it participating in a pro wrestling show prior to the NBA Finals or harboring a friendship with North Korean dictator Kin Jong-Un, Rodman is quite the eclectic character.

Rodman's flamboyant way of life often lands him in trouble, as the Hall of Famer is also known to live a party-heavy lifestyle. He discussed the same with Kevin Hart on his 'Cold As Balls' show in 2019 and revealed he had been arrested over 100 times.

“I'd say over 100. I was having too many parties in my house and after seven days straight, it was seven days a week. Seven days a week, 24/7,” the 5x NBA champion said while Hart couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 

It isn't surprising that the man that had to request his championship-contending Chicago Bulls team to give him a weekend off so he can go on a bender is someone who tends to irk law enforcement with his partying lifestyle. If Michael Jordan could understand, we are sure others also can.

On a serious note, Rodman is known to have changed his life considerably since his playing days. He is a more reserved figure now but makes public appearances, including attending the NBA 75 Players Ceremony in Cleveland during the All-Star break. Rodman is an icon of the game of basketball and his party lifestyle never distracted him from the goal of becoming a multiple-time NBA Champion.