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Kid Gives Smart Response To Kevin Durant After His Controversial Take: "Maybe We Can Work On Some Stuff Together”

Skip Bayless: “Kevin Durant Proves Once Again On National TV Why He's Clearly The Best Player On The Planet."

Kevin Durant caused a ruckus on social media yesterday after criticizing a kid for the way he played the game. A video was uploaded showing the kid dribbling and attempting a shot, and Durant was not impressed with the kid's handle.

There were several violations in one move, and KD's response to that was, "this s**t stinks." Many trooped into his comment section to call out the two-time NBA champ on his take.

Durant took the time to explain his stance, basically saying the kid has to build good habits from a young age. Coming from an efficient scorer like KD, that is something to take note of, but his approach was frowned on.

A few hours later the kid responded to Durant in a very smart and mature way.

"Thanks for the constructive criticism.. I’ve grown from my 6th grade year! Maybe we can work on some stuff together!! All love Hopefully I can get to where you at one day! #keepgrinding.”

It is beautiful to see the youngster accepting criticism and wanting to improve his game. That might have already happened considering that the video is old, but there is always room to get better, especially under the tutelage of Easy Money Sniper.

Durant started playing basketball from an early age, featuring in several basketball tournaments across the country. Clearly, he understands the need to build healthy habits from a young age.

Right now, Durant is one of the most effective scorers in the NBA but he has always worked on his shot. He is leading the league in scoring with 29.7 points per game and is one of the top MVP candidates this season.

The Brooklyn Nets star is currently observing the league's health and safety protocols and will be unavailable for a while. Luckily for the team, the NBA has postponed their next two games, including their Christmas Day fixture against the Los Angeles Lakers.