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NBA Fans Destroy Kevin Durant For Trolling Kid After A Bad Shot: "He's Just A Kid, Champ."

Kevin Durant Shut Up A Hawks Fan Who Told Him Him To ‘Stop Crying’: "Shut Yo A** Up, Motherf*cker."

Kevin Durant is making headlines again, and it is not for his impressive basketball skills. KD is known to always say how he feels on Twitter without fear, and he has once again sparked a reaction out of fans.

Overtime dropped a video of a kid hooping, and many were in the comments section commending the kid for the effort. Although Overtime thought the move is "tuff," Durant thinks differently. In his response to the video, he said:

"That s**t stinks."

Although it was initially unclear if his comment was directed at the ball rimming out as that is every player's nightmare, it turns out that he was speaking against the move. The kid violated two rules with that move, carrying the ball and traveling, and KD was not at all impressed. Regardless, fans called out the Brooklyn Nets star.

Durant came out to explain the reason for his comment, and although he might have been too harsh, he has a point. In response to a fan who pointed out that it was just a kid, KD said:

"It's about habits man."

Another fan also stated how the kid might look up to Durant, to explain why his comment might have been too harsh. But KD has previously stated that "he is not a role model" and might not be worried about how he is seen.

Coming from Durant, arguably the league's most efficient scorer, you could understand why he wants the kid to start playing the right way from the jump. Playing at the highest level will take a lot of practice and dedication, and it will be devastating to get used to playing the game the wrong way.

Durant is currently observing the league's health and safety protocols and is not happy about it. He might miss the Christmas Day fixture against LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers. Since he went into isolation, the Nets lost their first game against the 5-25 Orlando Magic, ending a four-game winning streak.

KD is still a frontrunner in the 2022 MVP race and is leading the league in scoring. The two-time NBA champ is averaging 29.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 5.9 assists while shooting 52.3% from the field.