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Kevin Durant Responds To Fan Saying Kids Look Up To Him: "I Am Not A Role Model"

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is very active on social media and does not shy away from replying fans who come at him. Another round of war of words with fans started after Isaiah Thomas spotted Durant's dry skin in a picture of Durant's shoes with a small portion of his skin exposed.

Fans came at him immediately, all commenting on how dry his skin is and offering to provide lotion. Trust KD not to turn a blind eye, he sent out a Tweet saying:

"I’m bouta pull my 'y’all broke' card in a second. f*ck y’all."

That started another round of trolling, but Durant replied to one peculiar tweet, making him out to be a role model.

In response, KD said:

"I am not a role model"

Durant's reply has sparked further outrage on Twitter, as fans are not letting up. Perhaps we might witness another basketball star getting some heat from fans for saying he is not a role model. Charles Barkley is the basketball star who first said that as far back as 1993.

One can see the connection, as Barkley recently explained why he wanted to do the "I am not a role model" commercial on an interview with KD and Eddie Gonzalez on the ETCs. That might not have been the wisest thing as Barkley received some heat for his take after the advert hit the airways.

Even with all the internet slander, no one can deny Durant's abilities on the floor. He is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, and he continues to perform at a ridiculously high rate.

Durant's presence on the Brooklyn Nets is the main reason they are favorites to win the 2022 NBA championship. But things have been a bit shaky for the team as they are missing one of their crucial pieces. Kyrie Irving has not played a single game for the Nets this season, because of his choice to not take the vaccine, and the New York covid-19 mandate prohibiting him from competing.

Although the Nets do not look as formidable without Kyrie, Durant is a game-changer. His partnership with James Harden might be enough to see them through to the title. The objective is a bit more daunting, but KD has the facilities to pull it off.