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Klay Thompson Calls Stephen Curry 'Weirdo' While Discussing Curry's New Show With Wife Ayesha

Klay Thompson Calls Stephen Curry 'Weirdo' While Discussing Curry's New Show With Wife Ayesha

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have a special relationship. The Golden State Warriors duo changed the way basketball is played right now with their 3-point shooting, becoming two of the greatest shooters in league history. 

They have found success together, winning three championships in five trips to the Finals. They're trying to return to the big series this year, but there might be some things they need to figure out before the playoffs arrive. 

Klay recently talked about Curry's new show, 'About Last Night,' which he co-hosts with his wife Ayesha. The Currys invites other celebrity couples to this game show, and Klay is still waiting for his invitation. Talking about this new show, the Splash Brother roasted Curry, calling him a 'weirdo' while revealing he hasn't received a formal invitation. 

“There’s this show on HBO, Ayesha… I don’t know some weirdo, she decided to marry and I didn’t get an invite yet you know whatever but it’s gonna be a great watch let me tell you.” Klay told reporters. “Rocco and I can be there one day, and, I don’t know, it’ll be sweet.”

It's unlikely that Klay gets invited if he'll go to the studio with Rocco, but one imagines his plug could grant him a spot on the HBO Max game show. 

Steph talked about the show, praising his wife, explaining how she made everybody feel good when they arrived. After that, the Chef didn't have any problems talking with the guests.

“I learned how great of a host she is. She was nervous and anxious about filling that role, but she made everyone feel comfortable, right at home. I had the easy job of bringing some fun and comedy, obviously pouring some drinks,” Curry said, via Twelfth Man Times.

Steph and Ayesha are doing a lot of great things. They are succeeding in their respective careers and it's good to know they're doing stuff together now. Klay is still waiting for his invitation, but we're sure he'll get once soon, either with or without Rocco. 

The Warriors keep playing great basketball, ranking 2nd in the Western Conference standings. They'll face a seemingly easy rival in the Los Angeles Lakers tonight, hoping to get the 42nd win of the season at Chase Center.