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Klay Thompson Reveals How The Warriors Will Overcome Steph Curry's Slump: "Strength In Numbers."

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

While Steph Curry's place among the NBA elites has not changed, his recent shooting slump is having quite an impact on the Warriors, who are trying their best to endure.

For a picture of just how bad Steph has been, he has missed 95 of his last 135 three-pointers and hasn't had back-to-back 50% shooting games since November. 

Still, Dub Nation presses on and continues to reap the benefits of their deep and talented rotation.

“Strength in numbers. It is still alive and well,” Thompson told ClutchPoints. “I was telling Steph about that. We had a subpar shooting night and to see these guys go in and play so well and move the ball, be aggressive, that gives us life.”

Obviously, Curry's current condition is making it hard for the Warriors to win games consistently, but it's not their only problem.

Draymond Green, a 3x All-Star, is currently out with an injury and could be compromised for the remainder of the season. Without him, things could prove especially difficult.

"This game showed us, last night and the past few games why Draymond Green is the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors," said Kendrick Perkins. "You know they swag has been missing and it's missing because of Draymond. We already know how he gets Steph involved, we know his defensive intangibles, but when you are getting off that bus and you have a certain type of swag, it's because you have your big brother. So when you have Draymond and you are on the road and you get off that bus and it's hollow, now all of a sudden you could look and watch yourself walk because you're dripping so much. But they are missing Draymond and some people wanna say, oh but he's not scoring 50, nobody gives those guys swag."

At this point, nobody knows how this season will end for the Warriors. With Klay's return, things finally looked to be getting back on track.

But now, some more awful luck is turning the situation sour. Hopefully, with some time, the Warriors can break through and turn things around to make history again.

In the meantime, guys like Klay, Wiggins, Poole, and Porter Jr. will continue to pick up the slack.