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Klay Thompson: "I Will Get To The Level I Want To Be At Again. I'm Not There Yet, But It's In Sight."

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is a multiple-time All-Star, and one of the greatest shooters to have ever played the game. He has been away from the game for a while, due to him suffering some injuries. He is now back though, and it looks as though he is slowly finding his offensive rhythm again. Currently, Klay Thompson is averaging 19.3 PPG while shooting 37.1% from beyond the arc.

There is no doubt that Klay Thompson has been up and down in terms of performances with the Golden State Warriors this season. However, he has most recently exploded for a 36 point performance against the Utah Jazz. After the game, Thompson has expressed confidence that he'd become the player that he was before, claiming that "it's in sight".

“I will get to the level I want to be at again. I’m not there yet, but it’s in sight.”

Even before he actually stepped foot on an NBA court, Klay Thompson claimed that he'd get back to "feeling like an All-Star again". While he hasn't had a ton of consistency thus far, the scoring explosions show that he can still play at that level.

Shot I'm never worried about. The hardest part when you come back after a long layoff, the timing, the rhythm of the game...Even when I come back and play whenever that is, it's gonna a be minutes restriction... hopefully peak towards winning time... Honestly when I come back, I feel like myself, I feel great, I feel like it’s going to take a few games, maybe a few weeks to get to feeling like an All-Star again.

The Golden State Warriors have recently clinched a playoff appearance, and are currently the third seed in the Western Conference. There's no doubt that they're a contending team when fully healthy.

Hopefully, we see Stephen Curry return soon for the Golden State Warriors. They beat the Utah Jazz, but the Warriors are simply not the same team without their superstar. If he can be fully healthy by the postseason, there will be no team that will want to face the Warriors.